This guy is still one of my favorite customs that I have made to date. For once, everything just seemed to work and blend together with minimal stress. Dragstor was always one of my favorites as a kid, so I wanted to make my custom as close to vintage as possible, with just a little bit of modernization. I used an Optikk base, (buck, shoulder, thighs, and feet) Trap Jaw head, Hordak arms, Tri-Klops bicep, Skeletor shins and boots, Road Rippers engine by Toystate (Funny huh, Road Rippers) Spider-Man Classics Hobgoblin glider smoke puffs, and lots of apoxy putty. Unfortunately his spinning wheel action feature does not work, I’m not THAT good! I put a bunch of scratches and cuts in his thigh guards and feet to give him a road worn look, like he’s been scraping the asphalt while tearing up Eternia’s highways.

Date of creation: August 2010

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