Superman V2.0

My second version of a custom Superman on a MOTUC buck. There are still a lot of improvements I am working on, mainly in the crotch/ loin cloth area. The furry loin wasn’t exactly an ideal piece to start with for Superman, but I worked with what I had. I Dremeled and sanded lot on this guy, started with Tri-Klops forearms and shaped the gauntlets into muscle structure. Same with the boots, started with furry He-Man boots, Dremeled, sanded and epoxied for a smooth surface. Sanded the loin cloth and belt rivets, and He-Ro’s headband for a smooth forehead. Oh and nipples too. :)
‘S’ chest symbol is hand painted, this took me a while to perfect it, but I wanted it exact. Recipe is standard MOTUC male buck, Tri-Klops forearms, standard furry loin cloth and boots, and He-Ro cape. I actually repacked this figure for a customer in the Toys R Us exclusive DC Universe Vs. Masters of the Universe Classics packaging with He-Man holding a custom cast Kryptonite Power Sword!
Date of creation: May 2010

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