Swamp Chomp

I think an alligator type character would fit in flawlessly with MOTU. Originally with this concept, I had wanted to do a character from the Tar Swamps, and this may or not be him, but I figured an alligator would be pretty perfect. Someday I would like to do an actual Tar Swamp character, like a character all covered in dripping tar, like he had just risen from the depths of the swamp. But for now, Swamp Chomp will have to do! I always try to give my characters very MOTU-like names, and somehow I came up with “Swamp Chomp”, which I think fits in perfectly with the wacky but always awesome names of the MOTUverse! This recipe is fairly basic, with not a WHOLE lot of sculpting and modification, but still a time consuming project nonetheless.

For the head, I used a Schleich Crocodile, with the head chopped off and Dremeled the neck hole and neck post hole so as to fit a MOTUC neck peg. I then had to sculpt the back of the head for a round appearance, and gave it some texture to mimic scales/ crocodile hide. For the most part I used a Whiplash base with MerMan arms and feet, Skeletor loin cloth and Webstor armor. The necklace is leather string with minor sculpting. The wooden shield is a fully sculpted custom piece, that I had originally made for Mossman, but it makes for an awesome accessory for Swamp Chomp!

2 Responses to Swamp Chomp

  • Duane says:

    Hi where I can find MOTU Classics Custom swamp chomp and war wolf, etc to buy? I am really like MOTU Classics Custom. Hope they are available. Any other new MOTU Classics….just let me know!

    • Hey Duane, unfortunately I’m not really accepting commissions at this time. I’ve been busy with work and trying to keep the ones I do make! Occasionally I will list one on Ebay, and am currently considering setting up a store for my custom accessories to be purchased. Thank you!

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