Zodak (Unmasked)

I will never understand why Zodak didn’t get the second head treatment. I mean, he was only unmasked most of the time during the 2002 Mike Young Productions cartoon series. How many other, less iconic characters have gotten second 200x specific heads? Whiplash, Mossman (Ok, that one is awesome!) and Fisto are just a couple off the top of my head. Fisto even got a 200x specific belt.
This is actually my second version of the unmasked head, being much better, in my opinion, than the first one I did. The base head I used is Anderson Silva from the Jakks Pacific UFC line. Those heads work great for the scale of MOTUC, and this head in particular works absolutely perfect for Zodak! After finding the perfect head, I sculpted Zodak’s jaw ‘armor?’ to mimic the cartoon, with a little extra added flair. I have since molded and cast the heads so fans all over the world can enjoy this exclusive variant head!
I brought 25 of these pieces, fully painted, to the very first Power-Con in Los Angeles in September, 2011. Only two hours into the 2 day convention, I was completely sold out! Just goes to show how popular this variant head could be, should Mattel decide to produce one. Would be a great addition for a head pack.
Original date of creation: February, 2011

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