Marvel Legends Customs

Astral Plane Dr. Strange

Astral Strange has always fascinated me, how cool would it be to travel outside your body and go do whatever the hell you want? I wonder how many times he went into the girls locker room during P.E… Anyhow, what I really wanted to do was make this custom a translucent version, that’s how I had envisioned it, but there’s no way I could cast an entire figure. So I tried to recreate the translucent look by giving it a pearlized paint scheme to create the illusion of a sparkly clear look.

Date of creation: Late 2006

Zombie Captain America

One of my first customs, the inspiration for this guy came from the comic series of which I was a huge fan of. Two of my favorite things, Zombies and Marvel Superheroes! The base for this guy was an Al Simmons from the Spawn Mutations series. This was back when all I was using was Sculpey, before I discovered epoxy putty. Shield is 100% sculpt. I went for a really torn up look, like he had been battling for years and years. Note the buckshot to the chest.

Date of creation: August 2006

Marvel Legends

I started out customizing action figures with the Toy biz Marvel Legends line back in about 2006. I was looking on Ebay for a figure I wanted when I came across some customs done by Jin Saotome and Cal’s Customs. I was amazed at the quality of work, these figures really looked like the real thing! So I started making my own of figures that I thought might never see the light of day. My first was a First Appearance Wolverine with razor claws as I had seen done by other customizers. I loved how it turned out, so I started churning out more.
Currently I only really work on Masters Of The Universe Classics but the Legends will always be my roots, and who knows, someday I might get back into it if I ever get bored of the Classics. Not likely, but possible.